How To Custom Curtains?

Are custom made curtains worth it?

When you’re sprucing up your home, there are places where you can cut corners without sacrificing style. That secondhand coffee table? It’s probably just as chic as the fancy showroom version. And let’s be real, who can tell the difference between a clearance throw and a super pricey one? But there are spots where going cheap might not be the best idea—it could mess with your whole vibe. One of those things that’s totally worth splurging on? Custom-made curtains.

Why choose custom curtains?

1. Personalization: Custom curtains allow you to choose the exact fabric, color, pattern, and style that complements your interior decor. This level of personalization ensures a unique and tailored look for your space.

2. Perfect Fit: Custom curtains are made to measure, ensuring they fit your windows precisely. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also improves the functionality of the curtains.

3. Quality Materials: With custom curtains, you have the freedom to select high-quality materials that match your preferences and lifestyle. This ensures durability and longevity.

4. Unique Designs: Custom curtains provide an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your taste. You can incorporate special features, trims, or embellishments for a truly unique look.

5. Enhanced Privacy and Light Control: Tailoring curtains to your specifications allows you to achieve optimal privacy and light control in your space. You can choose specific lining options to meet your needs.

How To Customize?

Step 1: Contact our business manager at [email protected].
Step 2: Share your requirements, including product dimensions, manufacturing process, fabric, design drawings, logo or brand name, etc.
Step 3: We will create a sample within 10-20 working days for you to assess the sample quality.
Step 4: Mass Production Process – After the sample is approved, the mass production proceeds through the following 6 steps:

① Weaving
② Dying & Printing
③ Cut
④ Sew
⑤ Inspection during (Quality Control (QC))
⑥ Packaging and Shipped.

Mass Production Process

How much does custom Curtains cost?

The cost of custom curtains can vary depending on factors such as the fabric, size, and additional features. For an accurate estimate, it’s recommended to contact the Alpha Textile Supplier directly and discuss your specific requirements.

What We Do

Casual to luxury styles: Bedding, Duvet Covers, Comforters, Blankets, Quilt, Pillow Shams, Curtains

Custom Curtains

Why Choose Us To Customize Curtains?

One-Stop Service

Our factory has a complete production line, including designing, weaving, dyeing & printing, cutting & sewing, packaging, and final inspection.

Lower MOQ

One sample is available, and the minimum order quantity varies for each product. Please engage in detailed discussions with our business manager for more information.

Oekotex-100 & WCA

OEKO-TEX® certified, our product is rigorously tested to ensure it is free from harmful substances, guaranteeing high-quality and safe bedding for you.


Our products have received certification for their sustainability, ensuring they meet established standards for environmentally conscious and ethical production.

Strict Quality Control

We will confirm every production detail with you before mass production. When the production is finished, our QC will carry out the final inspection and send you the photos and reports under your request.