How do you make a custom shower curtain?

Making a custom shower curtain involves a few simple steps:

First, measure your bathroom space to confirm the appropriate shower curtain size. Second, choose the fabric; we recommend waterproof options like polyester. Third, provide your favorite pictures, colors, or logos, and we will customize a shower curtain that perfectly fits your bathroom according to your requirements.

How do you make a custom shower curtain

Why choose a custom shower curtain?

Choosing a custom shower curtain offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to tailor the size to perfectly fit your bathroom space, ensuring a seamless and stylish look. Secondly, customization provides the opportunity to select the fabric that best suits your preferences, with waterproof options like polyester being a popular choice. Lastly, opting for a custom shower curtain enables you to personalize the design, incorporating your favorite images, colors, or logos for a unique and tailored touch. This ensures that your bathroom reflects your individual style and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

How To Customize?

Step 1: Contact our business manager at [email protected].
Step 2: Share your requirements, including dimensions, manufacturing process, fabric, design drawings, logo or brand name, etc.
Step 3: We will create a sample within 10-20 working days for you to assess the sample quality.
Step 4: Mass Production Process – After the sample is approved, the mass production proceeds through the following 6 steps:

① Weaving
② Dying & Printing
③ Cut
④ Sew
⑤ Inspection during (Quality Control (QC))
⑥ Packaging and Shipped.

How much does custom shower curtain cost?

The custom pricing is determined based on the fabric, manufacturing process, and product dimensions you choose. For specific details, you can discuss and negotiate with our business manager during communication.

What We Do

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Why Choose Us To Customize Shower Curtain?

One-Stop Service

Our factory has a complete production line, including designing, weaving, dyeing & printing, cutting & sewing, packaging, and final inspection.

Lower MOQ

One sample is available, and the minimum order quantity varies for each product. Please engage in detailed discussions with our business manager for more information.

Oekotex-100 & WCA

OEKO-TEX® certified, our product is rigorously tested to ensure it is free from harmful substances, guaranteeing high-quality and safe bedding for you.


Our products have received certification for their sustainability, ensuring they meet established standards for environmentally conscious and ethical production.

Strict Quality Control

We will confirm every production detail with you before mass production. When the production is finished, our QC will carry out the final inspection and send you the photos and reports under your request.